Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soap Box, crocheted from Plastic Bags

(NL) Zeepdoos, gehaakt van plastieken zakjes 

(ENG) Some weeks ago, mom and I visited my niece Mireille, and I decided to make her a gift ...
(NL) Een paar weken geleden hebben mams en ik mijn nicht Mireille bezocht ...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chainmaille Celtic Star / Keltische ster van schakels

(ENG) Chainmaille Celtic Visions Star on a Wiggle (Möbius) necklace, and my dad wearing it with pride. I had let him choose on The Blue Budda Boutique , and ... hasn't he chosen nice, with a great color combination :-)  
(NL) Een "Celtic Visions Star" ster, aan een "Wiggle (Möbius)" ketting, en mijn vader die hem trots draagt. Ik liet hem kiezen op De "Blue Budda Boutique" , en ... heeft hij niet goed gekozen, met een prachtige kleurencombinatie :-)

Guardian Angel / Beschermengel

(ENG) tatted guardian angel from a plastic bag, for my dad who was in a coma. It sure did its job, he's now safe and sound at home :-D

(NL) frivolité beschermengel van een plastiek zak, voor mijn vader die met een coma in het ziekenhuis lag. Het heeft zeker zijn werk gedaan, hij is nu veilig en wel thuis    :-D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Use HTML in blog posts

Well, the WYSIWYG-editor can act strange by posting images, and it doesn't allow fine-tuning on its size. Since I once learned programming, but before the internet was common, I decided to do some investigations on HTML. And in order to do some easy copy and paint, I made a text-file. Then I thought it might be handy for some starting HTML-ers as well  ;-)

<!--------  LeftFloatImage 1/2  -------->
<a href=" ImgURLzzzzzzzzz " imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" width="320"
src=" ImgURLzzzzzzzz "   />  </a>

- The text between  <!--  and  -->  is just comment, to keep your program clear,;because as I've been thought: a good program is not only one that works, but one you still understand after a long period, in order to make modifications, without hours of studying the program.
- The ImgURLzzzzzzzzz  is where you paste the images URL: right click on the image, and choose "Copy URL"; I added the zzzzzzzzz to make it easy to find where you have to replace, and I made a one word of it, so double clicking allows you an easy replacement  :-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Crochet Slippers


- crochet hook and yarn or plarn, fitted for each other. (for example: I used medium sized rather bulky plastic shopping bags, cutted in balls of plarn, with a width of 1/2 inch, which crocheted very well with a crochet hook of 3 mm. For my Belgian shoe-size 37, which is a length of 23cm, I needed 4 bags for the upper sides, 6 bags for the inner soles, and another 6 (black) bags for the outer soles, and I had enough left to crochet all together)
- when you will use plarn, it might be handy to know How to make plarn (click here)
- scissors
- measuring tape, to measure the foot and to know when your first sole is done.
- 8 help-strands: somewhat stronger strands, like cotton, to hold the pieces together while assembling
- a pencil or something to write down the numbers of your first slipper, so the second looks exactly alike, without the need of measuring
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