Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beaded Scorpion

(NL)  Schorpioen van kralen

(ENG) beaded scorpion with wire from the book: Dierensier, by Gergen Kralensets (Dutch)
Some free internet help: follow this diagram, while a pictorial with nylon thread may help: page 1page 2 and page 3 at the following way:
- first row: put black-brown-brown-black beads in the middle of a long wire, feed one wire end in a circle through all the beads
- row 2: put 3 tan beads at one wire end, lead the other end from the other side through those 3 beads. There is no horizontal black line, so this is a part of the underside, the belly. No worries, we'll see what to do with it later.
- side addings: at one side, add 12 + 5 = 17 brown beads; skip one bead, and go through the following 4; add 5 more brown beads, skip 1, go through the next 4, and through the next 12. First lobster leg is done. Same at the other side.
- row 3: brown-eye-eye-brown beads, weave as in row 2. Now, since this is just beneath a black horizontal line, these are for the top side, so kind of fold it to have row 3 next to row 1; forming a triangle looking from the side.
- row 4: 5 tan beads for the belly, the side looks like a zigzag now
- ... - tail: since every row is divided by a horizontal line, all rows are at the same level, so no zigzag looking from the side
SOOOOO: now I think you can make the scorpion from the diagram, and by looking at my photo, also that one. Have Fun  ;-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Knotted Doormat

(NL)  Geknoopte deurmat

(ENG) Doormat, finished in May 2012, still "charming" handcrafted unequal, but great for the backdoor, hahaha. Now, almost two years later, it is a bit bleached by the sun, but still looks fine :-D
(NL) deurmat, afgewerkd in mei 2012, ze is nog wat "charmant" handwerk ongelijk, maar prachtig voor de achterdeur, hahaha. Nu, bijna 2 jaar later, is ze een beetje door de zon gebleekt, maar ze ziet er nog steeds goed uit  :-D

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soap Box Crocheted out of Plastic Bags

(NL) Zeepdoos, gehaakt van plastieken zakjes 
(FR) Boite pour savon, crocheté du sacs en plastique

(ENG) Some weeks ago, mom and I visited my niece Mireille, and I decided to make her a gift ...
(NL) Een paar weken geleden hebben mams en ik mijn nicht Mireille bezocht ...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chainmaille Celtic Star / Keltische ster van schakels

(ENG) Chainmaille Celtic Visions Star on a Wiggle (Möbius) necklace, and my dad wearing it with pride. I had let him choose on The Blue Budda Boutique , and ... hasn't he chosen nice, with a great color combination :-)  
(NL) Een "Celtic Visions Star" ster, aan een "Wiggle (Möbius)" ketting, en mijn vader die hem trots draagt. Ik liet hem kiezen op De "Blue Budda Boutique" , en ... heeft hij niet goed gekozen, met een prachtige kleurencombinatie :-)

Guardian Angel / Beschermengel

(ENG) tatted guardian angel from a plastic bag, for my dad who was in a coma. It sure did its job, he's now safe and sound at home :-D

(NL) frivolité beschermengel van een plastiek zak, voor mijn vader die met een coma in het ziekenhuis lag. Het heeft zeker zijn werk gedaan, hij is nu veilig en wel thuis    :-D
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