Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beaded Scorpion

(NL)  Schorpioen van kralen

(ENG) beaded scorpion with wire from the book: Dierensier, by Gergen Kralensets (Dutch)
Some free internet help: follow this diagram, while a pictorial with nylon thread may help: page 1page 2 and page 3 at the following way:
- first row: put black-brown-brown-black beads in the middle of a long wire, feed one wire end in a circle through all the beads
- row 2: put 3 tan beads at one wire end, lead the other end from the other side through those 3 beads. There is no horizontal black line, so this is a part of the underside, the belly. No worries, we'll see what to do with it later.
- side addings: at one side, add 12 + 5 = 17 brown beads; skip one bead, and go through the following 4; add 5 more brown beads, skip 1, go through the next 4, and through the next 12. First lobster leg is done. Same at the other side.
- row 3: brown-eye-eye-brown beads, weave as in row 2. Now, since this is just beneath a black horizontal line, these are for the top side, so kind of fold it to have row 3 next to row 1; forming a triangle looking from the side.
- row 4: 5 tan beads for the belly, the side looks like a zigzag now
- ... - tail: since every row is divided by a horizontal line, all rows are at the same level, so no zigzag looking from the side
SOOOOO: now I think you can make the scorpion from the diagram, and by looking at my photo, also that one. Have Fun  ;-)

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